Services I Offer

I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist in the State of Michigan. I was trained by the state government working with Appalachian Consulting, passing the exam at an extremely high percentile. I am now bringing Peer Support work to the community on your terms. I meet with you, where you are comfortable, and make a plan with your goals.

The scope of my practice includes

  • Sharing my story to show that you are not alone
  • Teaching coping skills which I have developed throughout my whole life
  • Problem solving and making plans for advancement in life
  • Advocacy for any situation whether it be obtaining services, securing benefits, or even day to day things like getting a good deal with a company
  • Assisting in building daily living skills to reduce dependency on others
  • Attending appointments with psychiatrists to help peers find their voice in the presence of a highly educated and potentially intimidating doctor.

Who I serve

Currently, I work with people who identify as having a mental illness and would like to learn skills to live a better life. I walk along side others, and do not try to force knowledge on my peers. People in Recovery will get the most value from my services

Most peer related services focus on recovery from drug addiction, but I chose to focus on the mental illness side of things. This is where the need is not being met, so this is where I am focusing my practice. I can and do support people who struggle with drug addiction, but my focus will be on the mental illness aspect

I am still learning

Every day, I learn something new. I named my company Healing Student because I take the approach of a learner, rather than a high and mighty teacher. I’ve dedicated my life to learning everything I can and applying it. After 15 years of Recovery, I’ve decided I must work to share this learning with others, that my peers may benefit. I’m excited to learn from you, and grow even further.

How to contact me

I can always be reached via email at: