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Coronavirus Update

The world seems to be an even scarier place than usual these days. After looking into the pandemic situation both medically and legally, I’ve decided to continue offering my services within the boundaries of the new rules.

Currently, all of my clients are in Michigan, so we are under the same “Stay at home” order. Now, I have a weak immune system, but I’m also a massive nerd, so I delved deep into understanding how the virus works, how it spreads, and what our government has ordered considering the situation.

The stay at home order does not demand a shutdown of my business. I remain open and active according to rules which I carefully considered.

Understanding the Virus

We know relatively little about this virus so far, but we are not in total ignorance. We know that it is highly contagious, and that it spreads primarily through coughing, sneezing, or anything else that causes “droplets” to leave our mouths or noses. We also know that people can be contagious even if they do not have symptoms. This fact may be the biggest factor in the huge spread. The only safe approach is to assume that we all have the virus regardless of symptoms. This can be done though “Social distancing” of remaining six feet apart from any other person and not meeting if one is coughing or sneezing. If one is coughing or sneezing due to allergies, it is still best to not meet due to the strange behavior of the virus, but I am absolutely willing to meet clients who aren’t.

Understanding the Law

Our governor’s order states that we must remain at home “as much as is feasible”. She provided many exceptions for “essential workers” and private businesses are given more flexibility. Both because of my extra flexibility and also because I view this work as extremely important, it is my belief that my business is allowed to continue meeting in person. In person meetings must adhere to the “social distancing” regulations. I am free to meet with clients, but I am not free to be closer to them than 6 feet. I am also advised to meet outside. While it is technically legal for me to meet with someone inside, I am choosing not to because of my weak immune system.

Summary of my current business practice

I would love to continue meeting with my clients. I can do this outside with us standing with a few feet between us. 6 feet isn’t much and is fairly normal for a conversation. Having an entire state shut down doesn’t make our illnesses go away. If anything, I’m more stressed than usual. I’m here for all of my clients, because you are more important to me than any desire to hide from a virus ever will be.

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