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Give It a Go!

I’ve talked about my boss, Daniel before. He often has more faith in me than I have in myself, but I’m beginning to believe him.

Daniel is on vacation this week and he needs to keep his store open. I’m his only employee and I tried to get out of it, saying I’m better at computer repair than I am at talking to strangers and conducting sales. I don’t think this filled Daniel with confidence, but when he didn’t have another person on hand to keep the store open he asked me if I’d be willing to do it, despite not wanting to. I, of course, had to give it a go, and I’m going to be going in in an hour and a half as of this writing.

I learned the term “Give it a go”, from an Australian maths evangelist type named Matt Parker. He’s also a comedian so he makes math really fun. He was in a math video where he attempted to solve a math problem that had never been solved before. He didn’t break new ground in math, which one might view as a failure, but he tried really hard and learned a lot about it. It was worth the effort, and he said he’d like his attempt to be a “symbol of giving it a go”.

Unlike math, keeping a store open doesn’t really have a success or failure. As long as the store doesn’t burn down or have all its stuff stolen, it’s basically a win. I got this! I’m going to give it a go.

In this short little post, I want to encourage you, Gentle Readers, to look at something scary that you want to do, and “Give it a go”. You don’t need ultimate victory. You don’t need the best possible result. I just encourage you to try and see what you get. The very worst case scenario will be that you tried something hard, and that, in itself, is a great victory!

[For those of you who’d like to visit me at the store and see what we do, check us out at 2240 28th St. SW, Wyoming, MI, 49519. Part of the reason I work there is that I truly believe in what Daniel is doing. I know from personal experience that our products are rock solid because I’m the one who works on half of them. And we completely stand by our 1 year warranty without hesitation in the rare cases it comes up. Also check out the website at http://fortitudecomputers.com. I built it, and that was another thing I had to try to realize I’m good at it.]

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