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A New Beginning

To my Gentle Readers: hello! I am a student. I have many topics of learning, but here I shall focus on studying how to heal. I chose my blog name because it has a double meaning. One is that I am a student who is in the process of healing. The other is that I am learning to heal myself and others.

I previously worked as a Certified Peer Support Specialist in the State of Michigan. Michigan is fortunate to have a renowned Peer Support program, so my certification there does contribute significant value due to the training required.

But what is a Peer Support Specialist?

The name itself offers hints, but rather specifically it is someone with a severe and persistent mental illness who has managed their illness well enough to function more or less normally. This ‘Peer’ shares the skills and abilities that keep him well to help others reach the same level of wellness. The idea is that we are the peers of those we serve rather than someone who merely has a college education in the matter.

Why is this a ‘New beginning’?

I say this because I have written blogs before, and yet I am starting fresh. I’ve written a variety of blogs, and I will likely repost some of that content here, but I intend to better focus my efforts in this blog than I did in previous ones.

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